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Professional environmental acoustic consultants have been involved in the design planning for Defence of Darwin House to ensure it is compatible and can complement other venue activities in the surrounding area.

Recommendations adopted in the building design include:

  • No patrons using the verandah after 19:00
  • Sunset CafĂ© not operating later than 19:00
  • No speakers to be installed externally
  • All patrons inside the first floor facilities after 19:00
  • Deliveries and rubbish collection scheduled during day-time hours
  • Speakers installed internally to not exceed 4 speakers with the volume of each speaker individually adjusted to ensure compliance with minimum assumed background noise levels
  • Noise emissions from Defence of Darwin House limited to 44 dBA

The building is designed to face away from other surrounding venues and face more towards the open harbour and Cenotaph.

* All venue patrons will be inside during night-time trading hours during the Dry Season with outside verandah access to be considered for Wet Season venue activities.

To learn more about the Defence of Darwin House proposal download the brochure here.